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Reasonable Pricing

Technology and the internet are making it easier and easier for an educated professional to process taxes and bookkeeping.  Yet the prices continue to climb for these services year after year. Here at Audit Ready Inc we have gotten away from the common practice of pricing by the form that results in over billing by other preparers.

Rates & Fees

Admin Fee $35 - This fee covers the cost of record retention required by the IRS, tax preparation software and e-filing fees for each tax return.

Data Clerk Hourly Rate $45 - Data clerks do basic data entry, sorting and filing of documents.

Bookkeeper Hourly Rate $65 - Bookkeepers record transactions to be used in the preparation of financial statements and payroll.

Tax Preparer Hourly Rate $125 - All tax preparers are AFSP participants with annual Continuing Education requirements and Ethics guidelines.

Enrolled Agent Hourly Rate $160 - Enrolled Agents are 1 of only 3 designations allowed unlimited representation before the IRS. They have Continuing Education and Ethic requirements to maintain their designation.

Reimbursed expenses - This would include any fees we cover on your behalf to do our agreed upon work. Including but not limited to accounting software,  State fees & Mailings.