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The Audit Ready Inc Difference

Audit Ready Inc is a bookkeeping, tax representation, and preparation firm. It is our goal to provide you with fast service by a qualified professional at a reasonable price. We simplify bookkeeping and taxes for small business and individuals while educating them so they can make informed decisions. We create custom plans to leverage tax advantages. We prepare bookkeeping that is organized, easy to understand, and ready to be presented in the event of an IRS audit utilizing the information provided by the client. Read more About Us

Services we provide

Our primary services are Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, and Tax Representation. We also do many other services for small businesses that are tax and bookkeeping related, like Payroll, Trust Accounting, and what we call CFO services. CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services are for those small businesses that are growing. They can not afford and do not need a full time accounting professional. Read more about our Services

What a few of our clients have to say about us...

"...The IRS thought my husband owed them thousands of dollars (which he did not). They withheld his tax returns for years and it made it impossible for him to get financial help to go back to school. Jennifer was so great. She had everything handle and corrected so quickly and she was able to get my husbands money back..." 

Melissa F.

"...Audit Ready is one of the most knowledgeable, hard working, diligent, and customer friendly..."

Kevin M.

"...owed over $100,000 to the IRS before Audit Ready took over and sorted out his mess. We are so grateful that they were able to get his debt down and under control before the IRS took further actions. Now we go to them for our taxes every year and for any of accounting needs..."

Tabitha W.

"...Very honest and knows their business very well. Has excellent knowledge of the tax laws and IRS..."

William C.

"...Absolutely amazing service!! Such a tremendous help!..."

Racheal N.

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